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Peacock Bird FreeSize Ring (Adjustable Ring)

Product Descriptions "Wear a Wish" believe jewelry could be both beautiful and meaningful.

Our Mission is to radically transform the jewelry industry, while demonstrating that companies can do good in the world, scale, and make a profit without charging a premium for it.
With our belief,
We support social campaign related endangered animal, abandoned pet. We support vulnerable social group like small crafts group by fair-trade way.

Do you like animal around us ?
This is great for anyone looking for unique and cute animal themed jewelry, our lovely animal ring is unique, lovely and delicated
It is available in US Sizes 4 to 9 (Adjustable Free Size)
So, it's also okay to give as a meaningful gift for your beloved one

Our Finest Craftsmanship
Every piece of our animal ring is hand-finished by expert jewelers.
1. We first hand-crafted made our meaningful piece by brass.
2. We piece by piece did enamel hand-painting it.
3. In order to protect our meaningful piece, we did hand-painting with clear color again.

Harmony with Nature
We have product lines that inspired by the nature and designed to protect them.
We support diverse organizations which try to care the animals and to preserve the environments.

* Special Order *
"Make your pet jewelry Projetct" - If you want to make your own pet jewelry, we can support customized service for that
1. Ask us about "Make your pet jewelry Projetct" (Price Range : USD 200 ~ USD 300 according to how difficult it is)
2. Send us photo & sketch about your lovely pet
3. Communicate about making your pet Jewelry
4. Hand-Made Wax Carving & Total Process (Business : 15 days ~ 20 days)
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