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Lovely HandPainting BorderColie Dog Adjustable Ring (Black)

Product Descriptions
Lovely HandPainting BorderColie Dog Adjustable Ring
An animal inspired ring made in the shape of a BorderColie ! Imagine seeing a BorderColie staring up at you every time you glance down at your finger!
Size: Free size 
Material: Brass with Enamel Hand Painting


Border Collie is a breed originally called "Scotch Shack" and is home to the Northumberland between England and Scotland. Border Collie is also a descendant of the breed the Vikings used for reindeer mowing. It also earned human trust in the UK neck. The character of Border Collie is energetic, agile, motivated and affectionate to friends. He is known as a dog called a busy work addict who can not keep his head as good as it is good. :)
Temperament: Tenacious, Keen, Intelligent, Responsive, Alert, Energetic

※ Note ※ 
This item is handmade by our craftsman. Therefore, each painting and facial expression is subtly different and making it delicate


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