Wear a Wish _ HandPainting Animal Ring CustomMade Project (Rabbit & Bear) - 1

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We believe Jewelry could be both beautiful & meaningful

We did custom-order for our customer :) 

Let see our process :) 

1. Send Photo & Detail Option (Communication)

This time, customer order "bear & rabbit" ring :) 

At first, she send us photo & detail.

Our customer also eager to make meaningful piece, so we could communicate really well each other.


So, we summarize detail options to make it real 

Fortunately, this order is based on our original rabbit & bear :) 

It made us much easier to communicate 

2. Make it green wax

Below are "Green Wax" by "Hand Wax Carving Process"


Bear Wax

3. Enamel Hand Painting Process

We did enamel hand painting on brass metal.

It all hand made process.

After showing this photo, our customer was really happy :) 

It was really happy for us, too

After this process, we did one more hand-painting process by "clear color"

The reason why the process protect to keep the color for long time 

4. Shipping

While we making our meaningful piece, we always wish that those pieces will give happiness for our customer. We always believe "Jewelry could be both beautiful & meaningful". So, hope our customer will be happy with our meaningful piece.

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